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Sustainability at Odyssey

Sustainability is important to us at Odyssey. Read on to learn more about how this relates to our upcoming concerts and beyond.

Our concert at Cadogan Hall on the 11th of January explored how the natural world has influenced artists, particularly through the Industrial Revolution. With narration from Sir Thomas Allen and Roger McGough, the programme included Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, interspersed with poetry by the poet John Clare, Wagner's Forest Murmurs, and Janacek's The Cunning Little Vixen Suite. Through the works of Beethoven and Clare, we reflected on the idyllic rural life of the pre-industrial age. Wagner's epic Ring Cycle has, at its heart, a plea to respect the natural environment whilst Janacek presented a more hopeful vision of man and nature living in harmony in his opera The Cunning Little Vixen. Roger McGough finished the concert by reciting one of his own poems, titled Call Me World. This poignant concert, inspired by some of our members, has driven us to evaluate our own sustainability profile.

The Greatest ThreatTo Our Planet Is TheBelief That SomeoneElse Will Save It

Robert Swan OBE

At Odyssey, we’re committed to presenting music in the context of its time. It is of course inevitable for the context of our time to frame how we experience this presentation of history. Our current context is one of centuries of exploitation, greed, and injustice culminating in the climate and nature emergencies that are threatening communities worldwide. But it is also a context of hope, joy, activism, opportunity, and rebellion. By looking back at the past and examining the present, we at Odyssey are joining the millions across the world who are rejecting the bleak future we are heading towards and instead building towards a better, more equitable, inspiring, healthy, and sustainable future.

One of the pillars of Odyssey is collaboration and by supporting us, either by donating or attending our concerts,  you have been a key collaborator. We thank you for your time, attention, and presence.


The orchestra does what it can to be as sustainable as possible - whether that is encouraging reusable water bottles and teacups in rehearsals, or reaching out to connect with other arts organisations who share similar values. It is always looking to do more.


In a letter titled “The Times are Urgent: Let’s Slow Down”, Dr Bayo Akomolafe and Marta Benavides write “This is an opportunity for us all to join the chorus of voices now summoning a new world… Now is the time to remember again our humanity through the intimacy of our relationships”. We encourage you to explore areas of your own life: your sphere of control and influence, your consumption habits, your political engagement & voting practices, and the people and ideas you surround yourself with. Where can you create change and inspire those around you to do the same? 

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